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“The Strength Of A Woman Lies

In The Confidence That She Has And Her Ability To Believe That

She Can Accomplish And Overcome Anything.”

~ Janique Nicole


Diamonds and Pearls are jewels that have high value and are adored by women. Just as they are beautiful, each stone is unique and precious, just as you are. The Diamonds in my logo are significant because of the way they are made through nature. Through intense heat and pressure, the raw coal is transformed into a resilient and brilliant Diamond. As in life, sometimes you have to go through the pressure of a storm, so that you can emerge empowered. Only then can you come  into your own and shine. As with the Pearl, resilience comes only after something adverse happens at the core. Sometimes you have to go through the mud and bury yourself deep within your shell. When you come out on the other side, you will have used your challenges to grow and become strong and luminous.

Ladies, try to remember as you grow and evolve that giving up is never an option. Prioritize, believe and speak positive affirmations over and over to yourself, so you can become that Diamond or Pearl you're destined to be. Always remember, you are a woman of substance, a woman of purpose and a woman of value. Janique Nicole Cosmetics would be honored to be there to help you light the way.